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The Advocacy of Brad Sudol, Philadelphia Electrician

January 23, 2018
It is Philadelphia master electrician Brad Sudol’s intent to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s and to make sure everyone contribute to the mission to find a cure, which he would like to see during his lifetime. Alzheimer’s is largely associated with old age because the vast majority of sufferers are over 65, but one of every 20 Alzheimer’s patients are now afflicted with the “early-onset” version of the disease, which affects those who are only in their 40s or 50s. This is one of the worst diseases around, and Bradley Sudol is intent on bringing about an end to it.

In his career, Bradley Sudol makes an excellent living as a Philadelphia-based certified master electrician, where he serves as a specialist in low-voltage wiring, which is very important in the current age of electronics. Because he has been doing this a while, he has plenty of experience to rely on and his clients and customers appreciate the work he does. He also does his job safely, as evidenced by his given his OSHA certification as a safe electrician. He also has been certified by NCCER as both a carpenter and an electrician. Oh, yeah; he also is certified to work on fire alarms.