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Master Electrician Brad Sudol Loves to Blog About His Phillies

July 12, 2017
When someone loves a baseball team as much as Brad Sudol does the Philadelphia Phillies, they tend to stick by it no matter what. Brad is a baseball blogger who writes prolifically about the Phillies, when he isn’t working as one of the top master electricians in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. Brad Sudol is certified as a specialist in low-voltage wiring and he also takes safety seriously, which is why he also certified by OSHA. He also is certified to work on fire alarms and he is NCCER certified for both electrical and carpentry, a certification that he has held for nearly a decade.

However, while Brad Sudol is an excellent electrician, he is probably best known for his ability and love of writing about his beloved Phillies. He doesn’t even care that it took the team until 1980 to win a World Series, making the fourth-longest such drought in Major League Baseball history. He would rather focus on the progress the Phillies make from season to season during the modern era. The Phillies are currently among the most successful franchises in professional baseball during the modern era, which is the only thing that matters now.